7 Healthful, Make Once, Eat Twice, Chopped Meals

7 Healthful Chopped meals. A week’s worth of healthful eating. No deprivation here! There’s even Cheese involved. Healthful eating can be hearty, tasty and satisfying when you Chop a Chopped!
7 Healthful, Make Once, Eat Twice Chopped Meals  The Kitchen Chopper

7 Healthful, Make Once, Eat Twice, Chopped Meals

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Ah, the holidays are over! I hope you had as wonderful a season as The Hubby and I did. We didn’t do as much “gift giving” to each other as we usually do…and you know what? It took the pressure off. We have what we need…each other. And we’re grateful for that every day! I know…a bit sappy, but I think it’s better to recount your blessings in the New Year than to make some resolutions that are daunting to keep. Just think about what is important. Health comes to mind. That’s at the top of my list.

So for the New Year, let’s focus on easy, simple healthful things you can do for you and your family. Eating real unprocessed food should be first and foremost. It’s not that difficult once you’re organized and armed with a bit of research. Getting movement into every day should be high on your list as well. Do you need help with exercise ideas? As a personal trainer, I can help you with that. Just leave a comment and let’s talk!

Now that all the party’s are over, you’re probably ready to deprive yourself to get back on track. Well, I have good news for you!

Healthful eating doesn’t mean dietary deprivation. Take a look at these 7 Hearty Chopped “Balanced meals in bowls” that are filling, satisfying, and delicious today and even better as leftovers. Make it once and eat it twice!

These Chopped meals will help you get fiber rich veggies, lean protein and energy packed grains into the whole family. Even the picky eaters. And that’s not always the kidlets.

All of these recipes are Gluten Free. If you want to keep them vegetarian, sub chicken for white beans. One can, drained and rinsed. Use veggie broth for chicken broth.

This compilation of recipes share some of the same ingredients. So once you buy, you can use them up. If you’ve made quinoa for the week and the recipe calls for brown rice. Go ahead and use your quinoa.

The Chopped is all about versatility!

Chopped meals Chop cost and calories. Chopped ingredients go farther. Stretching your food dollar. Another perk for the start of the New Year.

Soup Chopped are “souperb” meals for busy week days.
Chunky, Sauerkraut, Kale, Lentil, Chicken Soup Chopped. All these healthful ingredients combine to make an amazingly flavorful soup. Your family will be so happy and satisfied.
Sauerkraut, Kale, Lentil, Chicken

When the weather outside is frightful...Make soup! On Pot, Cuppa this, Cuppe that, Veggie, Chicken Soup Chopped The Kitchen Chopper
One Pot, Cuppa This, Cuppa That

Pumpkin, Turmeric, Rice, Veggie Chicken Soup Chopped
Pumpkin, Turmeric, Rice, Veggie, Chicken

Baked Chopped are Full Meal Casserole type dishes. Reheat the leftovers in the microwave or oven. A hearty meal the next day is just minutes away.

Pumpkin, Sage, Sweet Potato, Turkey Baked Chopped / The Kitchen Chopper Pumpkin is a yummy base for this new Baked Chopped recipe.
Pumpkin, Sage, Sweet Potato, Turkey

Zucchini, Pepper, Quinoa Ham Baked Chopped
Zucchini, Pepper, Quinoa, Ham

Fig Delicata Eggplant Quinoa Baked Chopped
Fig, Delicata, Eggplant, Quinoa

Chili Chopped: Get out your Crock and make a healthful meal while you’re out and about!
White Turkey, Brown Rice, Green Bean Chili Chopped, In a Crock
White, Turkey, Brown Rice, Green Bean in a Crock

So there you have it. A week of Chopped lunch and dinner! Make it once and Eat it twice!

“Get Your Spoons Ready!”

This Chopped Round Up is featured at
“Homematters Linky Party #69!”
“Learning From Each Other #24”

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68 Responses to 7 Healthful, Make Once, Eat Twice, Chopped Meals

  1. Miranda says:

    As a busy mom, I absolutely love the idea of cooking once and eating twice! I always love when there are left-overs because it makes lunches the next day so easy.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up at Fitness Fridays on Drops of Learning.

  2. Jamie says:

    Saw this at the #HomeMattersParty and it looks amazing. Pinning to try!

  3. Melissa says:

    Just stopping by to say that your post was picked as a feature post this week on Home Matters Party. You can find it featured at http://adventuresfrugalmom.com/home-matters-linky-party-69/. While you are there make sure to grab the I was featured button for your sidebar. Congrats and thanks for linking up.

    • adminKC says:

      I’m on my way. Thanks so much for the feature and for letting me know. I tried to put the button on my sidebar but it didn’t take. I’ll try again tomorrow. I will put a link back on the post.

  4. Audrey says:

    Mmmm! great dishes. Congrats on your #HomeMattersParty feature this week.

  5. Amanda Long says:

    I love this concept… I need to do something the 330/400 panic is getting old… Thanks for coming to the LFEO Party, look for your post on the blog today.

  6. Angela says:

    Well this is just perfect timing! Today is day 1 for me of a 24 day clean eating challenge and all these recipes are fantastic and are going to come in really handy! Thank you!!!

  7. christine says:

    I need to get more into the habit of cook once – eat twice. It would make life so much easier. Thanks for these ideas.

    • adminKC says:

      You are so welcome, Christine. We eat at home most every day. These strategies really help with that extra meal. These travel well to the office too.

  8. Karen says:

    Love cooking once and eating twice. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real. You photography of your food makes it so appealing.

  9. Helen Fern says:

    There are some really delicious ideas here!
    I found you on oh my Heartsie Girl’s Friday Features Linky – would love to have you share on What’s for Dinner

  10. Wow KC…Such healthy bowls of yumminess!

  11. Happy New Year! I’m all about make once eat twice meals, so I’m loving this collection, everything sounds so good! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!

  12. So glad you had a lovely holiday season, KC! We did too. It’s great to be back to routine though and I must admit I’m feeling much better now I’m making healthier food choices. This post is great inspiration – love that the recipes are all gluten free and are so flexible. It’s fantastic to be able to cook once eat twice as well. It really takes the pressure off during a busy January. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

    • adminKC says:

      I’m so glad to hear you’re eating more healthfully this year. Back to eating real food, taking away sugar and most packaged foods makes us all feel better. Like you, the decision has to be made with follow through. Have a wonderful New Year. Looking forward to your offerings.

  13. Yes indeed, not always the kidlets, I have a 6 foot tall guy that is picky like a kidlet though…super ideas for us to get all the necessary vegetables and grains in for this year…and for life.

    • adminKC says:

      So glad you picked up that little detail. When entertaining the “big one’s” I’m amazed at how picky some of them are. Totally understand your situation. :)

  14. Diane says:

    The hubby and I quit giving each other gifts years ago. We enjoy our time together and don’t need anything. This year we are taking a trip for fun and mutual reward. Your recipe collection looks so good KC! I cook like this all the time in my crock pot. I Love the way you think about food, health and fun!

    • adminKC says:

      Thanks so much Diane. I love hearing about happy marriages. We love to travel as well and that will be our gifts to each other this year. Where are you headed?

  15. Justine says:

    Everything looks SO GOOD!

    • adminKC says:

      Thanks Justine. I had a bit of a baked chopped and a little soup chopped left over. So I heated them together and put a runny egg on top for lunch today. One of the best lunches I’ve made.

  16. Tara says:

    All looks great, wish I had one of your meals right now, I am starving looking at the pictures!!

  17. Katerina says:

    I wouldn’t know which one to choose! They all look very hearty and filling!

  18. Kristen says:

    love the use of lemon to the soup!

    • adminKC says:

      I think that’s why I’m loving soup lately, that punch of lemon makes such a difference. Thanks for stopping by Kristen.

  19. Colleen says:

    Who doesn’t love a recipe that tastes better the next day? Love this list and so perfect for the cold weather :)

  20. I love a menu that is real food! All of the items look so filling and decadent, it’s wonderful to know they fit into a healthy living meal plan. YUM!

    • adminKC says:

      Thanks Debra. People need to understand that eating real food is delish and not that difficult to put together. Once you get started it’s really easy.

  21. Platter Talk says:

    KC, we love how you chop and are sorry we haven’t been around in a while. Your recipes and healthy cooking style continue to inspire and impress us; please don’t stop! Wishing you all the best in the new year ahead!

    • adminKC says:

      Thank you Dan, that’s so sweet of you to say. I am consistent if nothing else. I appreciate your kind comments. I know you, Scott and the boys are super busy. Good friends can start up at anytime. Happy New Year to all of you!

  22. Manila Spoon says:

    I am all set for winter with these delicious “chopped dishes”! It is my resolution to make my diet even better this year and eating healthy and flavorful food like this is certainly in order! What a delicious collection!

    • adminKC says:

      Thank you Abigail. It’s just good to know that healthful doesn’t mean deprivation. These filling meals will keep you satisfied for hours. Once you step away from processed your body doesn’t crave sugar etc. You just need to take that first step.

  23. I am super-glad you put this round-up together Kc as it’s a great reminder about all the wonderful dishes you created this year that I have yet to try! You know how much I adore everything you do and can’t wait to see how you continue to surprise and delight us with your one of a kind “chopped” creations! A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year to you my dear, dear friend! xoxo

  24. This is fantastic! Both a time saver and money saver :) I am all for these ideas!!

    • adminKC says:

      Thank you Nicole. Soups and Baked just require some chopping time, but the rest is so easy. And next day meals are a breeze!

  25. I love leftover meals like these! These all look so good! And, i don’t know how I missed that Pumpkin, Turmeric, Rice, Veggie, Chicken dish. It looks amazing! And I bet it’s great without the chicken too!

  26. Perfect timing for this post. The sauerkraut, kale, lentil soup sounds like a great combination.

    • adminKC says:

      This soup is awesome and healthful. Especially if you’re like me and not crazy about Sauerkraut. Lentils are so good for you too.

  27. Wow, now we are talking a choice of fabulous recipes that seem so simple yet delicious to make!!!

    • adminKC says:

      They really are Heidy. Some use many of the same ingredients. The herbs and spices give them variety. Especially the soups.

  28. My motto as well KC, cook once eat twice and sometime three time for a make over recipe. I love all the make ahead meals, so deliciously healthy and hearty.

    • adminKC says:

      You’re right about 3 times. I’m usually augmenting something at that point, like an over easy egg. Anything that makes healthy easy is a good motto!

  29. Hadia says:

    They all look so tasty. And the one cupa this and that is on my to do list. Looks superbly delicious.

  30. I LOVE soup when it’s cold like today. So easy to make, healthy, and delicious!

  31. Oooo your chopped recipes look so good and I love soups we have them several times a wee, but I need your recipes for changes in ingredients.
    Thank you for sharing on the Oh My Heartsie Girl this week, I also enjoyed your New Years post, ours was laid back just 2 of us with a bit of dinner out!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

    • adminKC says:

      Happy New Year to you Karren. Our Christmas was like that. We’d celebrated early in the week with family. Soups are so wonderfully easy. Made one last night. Perfect for these rainy days. Plus, I do have my leftovers for today! :)

  32. I love the make ahead meals! This is a tasty collection!

  33. These all look so tasty, especially the kale and lentil soup. Great ideas for a healthy new year.

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