Real Food Experience Challenge #1, Organize, Toss, Research

RFE Challenge #1 Organize, Toss, Research

The Real Food Experience Challenge #1, Organize, Toss, Research

Happy New Year, Everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I first introduced you to the Real Food Experience 2015. Now here we are embarking into 2016. This year our super team of Christina at Juggling Real Food and Real Life, Gaye at Calm, Healthy, Sexy, and Nicky at Little Family Adventure have come up with a list of challenges that will change your life…If you’re willing to find the value in them.

Challenge #1 is the gateway to getting organized and ready to roll. For years I’ve watched The Hubby go through the same ritual of organizing his office work space before each and every new writing project. When your space is de-cluttered, clean and tidy, you feel ready and motivated to take on a new challenge.

With that in mind, think of a healthier “you and your family” as your new project of 2016. Start by de-cluttering your kitchen fridge and pantry. Important as well, is to decide on an exercise space. Home and/or gym.

When I set about to organize my Kitchen I take on one task at a time. Even if it is as simple as cleaning out the veggie drawer. I recently did this and it only took 10 minutes. When you think about the time it takes to complete a task, the work is not as daunting. And the HSL… High Satisfaction Level motivates you to move to the next task.

This week we’re starting with a combo challenge.

Organize your kitchen:

*Start with a shelf in the pantry or a drawer in the fridge. Or better yet, tackle the whole thing!
*Organize your utensil drawer.
*Make sure you have all the pots, pans and baking sheets for cooking grains, sautéing/baking veggies and proteins. I love my grill pan and was surprised to find that many don’t own one. It’s a fantastic pan for winter time grilling. Although I use mine year round.

Toss the processed and the “expired” food.
Go through your fridge and pantry and toss anything that’s suspect. Toss the processed food packages. Check freshness of any opened container. Look in the back first, chances are that’s where old and spoiled food lurks.
When the weather outside is frightful...Make soup! On Pot, Cuppa this, Cuppe that, Veggie, Chicken Soup Chopped The Kitchen Chopper
If you find veggies/protein that need to be used NOW, make a big pot of Soup Chopped!

Research: Once you toss, you’ll have plenty of space to fill with healthful fare. You’re going to be spending much more time in the outer regions of the grocery store. The produce section, meat department, and dairy areas. Even the frozen food section will provide some Real Food options like veggies.
*Find a Farmer’s market near you.
*Does your market/grocery store stock a large assortment of non-GMO and Organic foods? Find one that does.
*Eating real food is easiest if you make it yourself. But if you must do the “fast food” thing, research establishments that serve organic and non-GMO meals.

Label reading 101: When you toss all possible processed food and start to buy natural, unprocessed food, label reading will become much simpler.
* Look for Non GMO and Organic verifications
* Read the back of the package. That’s where the valuable info is.
* Look for as few ingredients listed as possible. A good question to ask yourself is…”Could I make this in my own kitchen.”
* Step outside the store bought. Make your own sauces, nut butters and condiments. This tasty and healthful strategy usually Chops cost and calories.
* Learn the difference between Low and Reduced.
* Don’t trust the words Zero and Free. This can mean up to .05 percent per serving. Yes, this is legal. So read the back of the package to make sure.
* Check the serving size. Don’t assume a small package of nuts is one serving. It could be 2 or more. That makes a big difference in calories.

Fitness Choppertunity:

Are you starting a fitness routine or starting again? Are you an “at home” or “gym” person. Either requires some organizational prep. As a personal trainer for 20 years I’ve helped both.
The First 5 Weeks of Fitness in the Real Food Experience Chopped Life
Have your fitness equipment easy to access. Be it videos or dumbbells. If it’s in plain sight it’ll call to you and you’ll use it. Stick it in closet or under your bed and that beckoning can be easily ignored.
What workout will you do today? If you have a goal, it’s easier to power through. Is it cardio day, weight training or maybe Pilates.

Gym: Clean out your gym bag. Pack it with the things you need. Carrying around extra weight in your bag or on your body can be exhausting.
Just like Home workouts, plan what you’ll do. Are you taking a class or is this a “gym floor” day. If you need to make an appointment with yourself to get to the gym, do so.
If you are confused by the gym equipment, a session with a personal trainer will start you on the right track.

Consistency is key to fitness success. Your challenge is to get movement into every day.

Good luck with this week’s challenge. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just get you and your family healthier, we have you covered. Please share your progress with us at our Facebook group and if you are on Twitter or Instagram use #RFE2016. Photos will certainly help and motivate us all. If you have any questions about real food and fitness please leave me a comment here or on Facebook.

I’m so excited to get started on this years challenges. How about you?

See you next week when we tackle the topic of Veggies and Fruits.

KC the Kitchen Chopper

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26 Responses to Real Food Experience Challenge #1, Organize, Toss, Research

  1. Miranda says:

    Wow! Tons of great advice here.

    I especially like the tidbit about leaving your workout equipment in plain sight where you will be called to use it. I have really been struggling with being motivated, so I hope that will help. On the same note, maybe I should pack my computer away, somewhere out of sight?? Lol!

    Thank you so much for linking this up to Fitness Fridays on Drops of Learning. I hope to see you back again tomorrow!

    • adminKC says:

      I know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to the computer. I spend way too much time on it myself. Actually, I’m pulling myself away from it now to go out get a leg workout in. See you soon!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful challenge to take on this time of year. I appreciate the fact that you and the others are giving others the chance to be involved in something like this to make their lives better.

    Thank you for linking up with the #HomeMattersParty. The doors open again at Friday at 12AM EST.

  3. Emily says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I usually go through my pantry each year, but this was a great reminder to do it again! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday!

  4. OneDizzyBee says:

    Loved the post. I may be weird but I try to clean out and reorganize my kitchen 3-4 times a year. I just find it helps keep me on track, as well as making sure that everything in my cupboards and fridge is always up-to-date. Plus there are always a few items here and there that I seem to forget I have, so doing the reorg reminds me they’re there so they get used :)

  5. Fantastic tips and ideas to start the new year off right.

  6. Cathy says:

    I am loving this series! Happy New Year! What a great way to kick off the new year with a great, healthy, organized start!

    • adminKC says:

      I think that’s why we do 8 weeks. Kick it off and hopefully keep it going with easy healthful habits. Thanks so much, Cathy!

  7. The New Year is the perfect time to get back on track, thanks for the reminder and all the great tips!

  8. I love the tip about shopping the outer grocery store. Now to organize.

    • adminKC says:

      I’m much better at the shopping than the organizing. But like you, I’m working on it. Let me know if you need anymore help.

  9. Well so far I’m good with the organizing bit. I’ve been on a cleaning spree (very unusual for me) and cleaned out my pantry and other cupboards….well at most of them. I’m just starting to buy better quality food but it can be a bit overwhelming. So I’m doing it a bit at a time. Thanks for a great read!

    • adminKC says:

      That’s a fantastic way to start the New Year. Try buying veggies for a soup chopped or baked chopped recipe. That will get you acquainted with many healthful ingredients. Then check my other recipes to see how to use what’s left. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. You’ll see your market in a whole different light.

  10. I could use some of these to get my new year off to a good start! Thanks KC!

    • adminKC says:

      Stay tuned. For the next 7 weeks tips will be coming to my blog and all the other “hosts” as well. Hope to see you each week.

  11. Simple tips but these are so helpful!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. All great tips and you’ve made me realize there’s a few things I need to organize. Happy New Year!

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